Jodie Westall Artist

jodie westall artist
giraffe graphite drawing
jodie hiking in nepal

Hi, I’m Jodie – an artist, graphic/jewellery designer, watercolour tutor, small business owner, mum and creative, sensitive soul. I find peace and energy in nature, I’m an animal lover and passionate traveller with a continuing desire to find more authentic connection, healing and meaning in my life through my art.

From a very young age, wanderlust whispered gently in my ear. Beginning after my father moved to Thailand to live when I was in primary school, igniting my intrigue for travel and desire to learn more about the world and cultures. 

I was introduced to a world of richness, colours of golds, reds, intricate patterns and exotic design, smells that awoke my senses and language that made my world bigger with every sentence. Rituals and incense burning, temples, unusual street foods with exotic spices and of course …unfortunately…the poverty.  Shocking poverty, Leprosy victims, disabilities, homeless young mothers living and begging under motorway overpasses, and young girls stripped of their innocence working in industries well beyond their age. Emotions entered my heart that I was too young to understand. I was confused and sadden as I could do nothing other than giving the little pocket money I had.  This was the foundation, I guess for the volunteer work that I have gone on to do over the years and also my discovery of my sensitive nature and need to express my feelings in some way – to help make sense of them.

Art is a place where I am able to release the love, joy and tears of ever-changing emotions that are within. It is where I find my stillness and flow in life, it helps transform my emotions by channelling and expressing my heart onto paper or canvas. 

My passion for painting wildlife flourished in my early 20’s, so I joined the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia – many of my works were commissions of pets or Australian wildlife. I exhibited for many years in this prestigious exhibition, in 2000 I won the Sam Slater Encouragement Award for Best Artist under 30, with my large Graphite Pencil drawing of a Rothschild’s Giraffe now hanging in a private collection. I exhibited in many Galleries, Rotary Art Shows and Exhibitions during this time winning various, encouragement and art awards.

My biggest inspiration for my work has been the meaningful connections I’ve made through travelling – volunteering as a photographer, on an expedition for 80 young Australians for 2 months in Nepal was a life-changing experience. Followed by another volunteer trip to Papua New Guinea and again back to Nepal in 2019 with my daughter. Each trip I grew as a person, opened my heart and broadened my mind. Working, travelling and meeting like-minded, strong resilient people, seeing art, colour and pattern used so strongly in rituals, celebrations and daily life continue to enlighten me.   My art and jewellery designs are where I express the deeper parts of my soul, my process is intuitive, guided by my heart, life experiences, heartbreaks, achievements and my spiritual growth are mindfully intertwined into my work.  It is my meditation my healing space where I lose myself within every brushstroke and I find total solitude, oneness and it brings me home …to ME.  

I hope this shows in my work and that it may evoke something meaningful and beautiful within you when you look at it.

xx Jodie