Jodie Westall Art

I am a romantic, a lover of nature, colour, culture, the arts, travel and of course creativity. I have always loved sketching, painting and creating, it was my happy place as a child. Endless hours spent indoors with colouring books, sketchbooks and my tin of  Derwent pencils! When I wasn’t there I was climbing or hiding up a Pine or Eucalyptus tree listening to the harmony of bird songs, whilst smelling the fresh crisp aromatic air. Noticing the smallest detail and patterns in nature, enchanted by its beauty ,the way rain drops would teeter on the tip of a leaf filled with a rainbow of colour glistening in the sunlight. The animals, lady birds or bugs happily going about their day with no fear or worry of my quiet existence.  I found solitude, safety and comfort in seeing these tiny details, shapes and the vast shades and tones in all the colour around me.   

I was in early primary school when my father moved to Thailand to work and live. It was a couple of years later that I first travelled there to visit him – I was introduced to a world of richness, colours of golds, ochres, reds, intricate pattern and exotic design, smells that awoke my senses, a new culture and language, rituals and incense burning in homes and temples, delicious street foods with exotic spices and of course… the poverty. Shocking poverty, Leprosy victims and disabilities, homeless young mothers living and feeding their  babies under motorway overpasses, each begging for help, young girls working in industries they should never have known about at their age, emotions entered my heart that I was too young to fully understand. I was sadden as I could do nothing other than give the little pocket money I had. But those deep emotions still influence and inspire my work today both in my paintings and my Jewellery Design and is a place where I can express my inner most self with the world. This is where my signature range of meaningful jewellery began and it is how I connect with other women on their journey in life whilst healing areas of my own.

My art process is intuitive, guided by my heart. I continue to be inspired by natures infinite beauty, from my travels and volunteer work I’ve been lucky enough to be part off and the incredibly courageous people I have met through it.  Art is my meditation, my ‘me’ time and where I can lose myself quietly in each brushstroke for hours – it’s my happy place.

I hope this shows in my work and that it may evoke something meaningful and beautiful within you when you look at it.

thank you

xx Jodie



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