Jewellery Care

Taking care of your Jewellery

Whether your beautiful handcrafted and uniquely designed Jodee piece is made from sustainable wood or precious metal, they need be treated with love and care.

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WOOD: We do not recommend allowing your wood pieces to get wet as the wood will swell. The natural colour of the wood will develop and change over time, along with contact with body oils and general wear leaving it continually unique.

STERLING SILVER: Our Sterling Silver pieces come with the .925 stamp so you can be sure you are buying genuine solid .925 sterling silver. Sterling Silver will tarnish over time, however it will happen much faster when it comes into contact with perfume, body products, perspiration, hairspray, pollution, chlorine, sea water, and acidic skin. Humid and hot conditions can also cause metals to tarnish faster. The amount of tarnishing that occurs is dependent on the skin and care habits of the wearer, always remove prior to swimming or bathing in tubs with bath product.

You can care for your silver pieces by keeping it in a soft pouch and inside a small zip lock bag for added protection when not being worn,  keep it away from other metals that may scratch or cause tarnishing. Use our polishing cloths or jewellery dip when required to enhance the shine of your product.

Please avoid the use of silver paste as they can contain harsh chemicals that may damage the metals as well as the protective lacquer or remove the purposeful oxidisation unique to some of our designs.  Our Oxidised finished jewellery, should not be dipped into solution as this may strip the oxidisation which is part of the design – we suggest you use the Polishing cloth for these pieces.


ROSE GOLD / GOLD: Our Gold and Rose Gold jewellery is plated with 2 micron plating over solid Sterling Silver. Gold and rose gold plated pieces should be cleaned very gently with a dry soft polishing cloth and can be washed in warm water to preserve its shine.


LEATHER:  Leather and water are best avoided,  we suggest removing your leather bracelets or necklaces before showering and swimming. Water causes leather to rot and weaken and will therefore lead to damage.

Eco Friendly Wood Range

Being Eco friendly is important to us – our wood range is laser cut in Australia using power from 100% green power, power from renewable sources only such as solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy and wave energy. All of the wood that we use comes from sustainable sources. Some certified, some not, but all from managed sustainable forests. The natural wood design is unvarnished, leaving its natural colours to develop over time, we use a variety of Cherry, Walnut and Blackwood. Our entire wood range is designed hand made and hand painted in Australia.

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