Wholehearted Permission – inspirational pendant – Rose Gold

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‘Wholehearted Permission’ – our latest release elegantly beautiful Rose Gold designer heart shaped necklace, embodies the power of mindful, awakened self love and the power of Permisssion, a unique meaningful and timeless pendant.

Measuring 30mm x 30mm beautifull crafted in Solid Sterling Silver with a quality Rose Gold Plating and hung from 45cm Italian Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Chain.

Design Meaning

Designer Jodie Westall Kimpton is the designer behind our  Signature Collection with each piece timelessly created from her own personal journey’s in life.
Consciously choosing to love yourself fully brings with it an intrinsically powerful ‘Permission’. Permission that leads us to find our voice, to set healthy boundaries, make mistakes and find our way to wisdom, compassion and a beautiful wholehearted love.

Gifting yourself ‘Permission’ – opens your heart and soul to life, with shoulders back and chest gracefully forward, head held high, allowing love to flood into your heart and invite a healing to weave through and flourish in euphonious harmony.

Wholehearted Permission is about accepting with grace that our true beautiful, courageous self, was always right here buried under fear and pain, under the rubble of life’s struggles and conditioning, under other peoples opinions and the inaccurate conclusions we drew about ourselves over time.

Bestowing yourself with ‘Permission’ will allow for growth and and abundance of love to emerge.


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