About us

Jodie Westall-Kimpton is the creative behind Jodee Creations from the lovingly painted Watercolour and Mixed Media Artworks and Cards to the Jewellery signature collections you will find, along with a few other creative projects dotted around our store.


Jodee – Brand began in 2012 as an outlet for my artistic passion. The first twenty years of my work as an artist / graphic designer highlighted a desire within for more meaning and creative freedom of expression in my life.  I began humbly hand making the now popular resin, clay, and acrylic jewellery and selling at weekend markets whilst running a full time graphic design studio.

My work life needed more meaning and I needed a change. I wanted to express myself and share my story with a purpose  – I wanted to create authentic, mindfully designed jewellery to inspire, uplift and encourage women on their journeys. A daily visual reminder to the wearer to reconnect within and celebrate their inner beauty and purpose in life. The designs had to be beautiful and they had to last.  Which lead to the introduction of our Sterling Silver and precious metal collections. 

Our Signature Range is mindfully designed and inspired from my passion for travel, nature, and the incredible people that cross my path and have touched my heart so deeply. My intuition, life experiences, heartbreaks, achievements and spiritual growth are mindfully intertwind into each piece.

Our Sterling Silver, Gold and Brass Ranges, whilst being designed right here in Australia, are handcrafted by our artisan in Thailand. As a business owner and passionate traveller, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside artisans and business people like myself, who take pride in producing high quality, elegant pieces at exceptional standards; so that I may deliver quality, beautiful products that I believe in both ethically and spiritually.

xx Jodie 

Jodie Westall Kimpton