Jodee Creations began in 2012 as an outlet for my own artistic passion. The first twenty years of my work as an artist and graphic designer, highlighted a need within me for additional creative freedom of expression hence – Jodee Creations was born. The designs are inspired by a passion for travel, art, colour and the amazing people that cross my path in life. Jodee Creations’ pieces are lovingly designed and produced at our Victorian studio in Mt Evelyn, with the exception of a few.

Our Sterling Silver, Gold and Brass Ranges, while being designed right here in Australia, are crafted by a husband and wife Silversmith team that we proudly support in Thailand. As a business owner, and passionate traveller, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to travel, once a year, to work with these amazing people, and visit with my father and international business contact in Thailand. Our Silversmith team are masters in their field, and like myself, take pride in producing high quality, elegant pieces to exceptional standards; this means that I can deliver quality, beautiful products to my customers that I believe in both ethically and physically.

Jodie Westall Kimpton

Jodie Westall Kimpton

Jodie Westall Kimpton – Jewellery Designer, Wildlife Artist, Graphic Designer, Wife /Mum, Traveller, Dreamer!


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